The vestry is the governing board of church members who are canonically responsible for managing the church’s resources and finances. At St. Martin’s, vestry members are also seen as spiritual leaders of the congregation, working alongside the rector and professional staff to help shape and support St. Martin’s mission. The vestry is led by two “wardens:” the Senior Warden, who leads the parish in the absence of or between rectors, and the Junior Warden, who has primary responsibility for church buildings and property. The Vestry meets monthly to review the financial health of the parish, to discuss improvements, and to prayerfully consider the needs, and goals for the parish and community.


Church Organization Chart (Click to enlarge)

Church Officers
Senior Warden: Sarah Parkison
Junior Warden: John Cullinane
Treasurer: Tony Deasey
Registrar: currently seeking

Class of 2019: Kathy Berge, John Cullinane, Sam Burdette, Sarah Parkison

Class of 2020: Tim George, Susan Shingledecker, Kip Senholzi, Andy Taylor

Class of 2021: John Dirks, Stephen Michelsen, Marie Tuccille, Chris Werth