For direct deposit please print and complete the ACH form.

Make your pledge online or print this pledge card and return it to church.

Why Pledge?

A financial pledge is an act of faith, a gift of thanks, returning to God a portion of what God gives us.  In fact, our giving is a form of prayer.  Citing the biblical tithe (one-tenth of our income) as a standard, we are asked to give the proportion of our financial worth that reflects our love of God, our commitment to God’s work at St. Martin’s, and faith in our future together.

  1. With our collective pledge commitments, St. Martin’s is able to conduct joyful worship, present dynamic programs, and support outreach ministries that enrich and transform lives.
  2. We offer expanding children’s and youth programs, adult education, small group activities, and community fellowship that allow St. Martin’s to grow in Christ’s love and in faith.
  3. In faith, St. Martin’s does Christ’s work in our community and world. We help feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, shelter the homeless, provide assistance and supplies to those in need, strengthen the addicted, and build safer homes for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Each year, St. Martin’s asks the parish family to prayerfully consider our financial responsibility and our pledge, remembering that all we have been given is due to God’s loving grace and that we have much work to do.  More than 80 percent of St. Martin’s operating budget is dependent on parishioner pledges.

If pledging is new to you and you want to know more, please contact us.

Make your 2022 pledge today. Pledge online or print this pledge card and return it to church.

For direct deposit please print and complete the ACH form.