Next Rector

St. Martin’s-in-the-Field is in search of a rector with self-confidenceemotional intelligence, and leadership who empowers laity to take initiative for ministries. We need a leader with radical openness that admits we are all on a journey of love, kindness and discovery to be who God is calling us to be. We require guiding vision that is open to creativity, revision and new directions that keep our church community united in love and purpose.

Our next Rector will continue to strengthen and develop our relationship with St. Martin’s Episcopal School. With the right leadership, the bond between church and school has the potential to propel St. Martin’s toward becoming all that God wants us to be as a unified body.

The Rector must incorporate families as a primary focus of church life. Competition for church time from secular activities (such as youth sports) that increasingly take place on Sunday makes this challenging.

We desire a Rector with an ability to balance our tradition of excellent pastoral care with the energy to offer engaging liturgies and sermons. A Rector who supports creativity in services that maintains and grow our tradition of excellence in music provided by professional and lay musicians.

St. Martin’s seeks guidance to stay the course and to grow our parish without sacrificing the dynamics of the current congregation. We need leadership and collaboration to be open to God’s plan for us today and tomorrow.