Not everyone can make it to in-person activities in light of the ongoing pandemic. To keep all of our parish family connected St. Martin’s offers many online groups, classes and worship opportunities.
If you would like to join us for our online offerings please visit our Events page to see what is available and to register. While our worship services are available on different viewing platforms our online classes and groups are only available via Zoom.
If you do not have or have never used Zoom here are a few helpful links to get you set up:
1. Get the Zoom app
Click here for details on downloading the app to your device.
2. Join a meeting
For information on how to JOIN a meeting watch this video,
3. Best Practices for Using Zoom
• Use earbuds or headphones to reduce background noise.
• Mute yourself when not talking, again to reduce background noise for other participants.
• When muted, holding down the space bar temporarily unmutes you. When you release the space bar you are once again muted. This makes it easy to make short comments without having to continually click mute and unmute.
• Limit your eating and drinking during the time.
• Keep in mind, with your video on, everyone can see you the entire time. If you are on your phone and need to move around, please also mute your video.
• In certain circumstances, like Bible Study, it is best to use the “raise your hand” feature to indicate to the leader your desire to speak.
If you need technical assistance please email our communications coordinator.