Birthdays and Anniversaries

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July Birthdays 

1 Marilyn Poindexter, Robert Tieman, Kyle Wagner
2 Amy Rich
4 Coleman Bray
6 Susan Gibbons, John Wiley
7 Dave Galloway, Karen Wiley
Pam Ward, Phil Celestini, Lily Huber, Penny Huber
Ardath Cade, Erin Hanratty
10 Charles Chalfont
11 David Theune
12 Roman Cleven, Julia Keefe
13 Kate Bray
14 Carter Askren, Charlotte Astle, Elaine Bachman, Kathy Graeber, Rick Hambly
15 Jay Dixon, Patricia Shaffer
16 Emily Berry, Hunter Berry, Megan Berry, Rex Myers
17 John Gage Collier, Samuel Gillespie, Henry Kuhn
18 Emma O’DonnellMariah Theune, Mia Theune, Marty Chambliss
19 Amber Kaltz, Jenna Taylor, David Turner, Jenny Ellis
20 Katharine Kraft
21 Ainsleigh Cook, Penny Dickerson
22 Jim Bray, Fallon Goode
23 Sofia Williams
24 Christy Ives
25 Stanley Galloway
26 Alexis Howe
27 Duncan Williams, Daniel Yeager
28 Hunter Fields, Nick Sheridan, Olivia Sheridan, Jason Copeland
29 Merle Lebowitz
30 Cindy Rott
31 Nate Buettner, David Eagleson, John Keefe, Kris Chappell 

July Anniversaries 

5 George Swartout and Adele Greenis
9 Don and Martha Nicholson
13 Matthew Hanisian and Katie Glover
14 Robert and Katherine Goode
15 Lee and Sylvia Marson
20 Ed and Betsy Bannat, Mike and Lisa Radike
23 Bill and Caroline Nold
31 Mark and Helen Kellogg, Carter and Susan Askren