The Stewardship Commission seeks to serve God and this community by learning and sharing the good news about God’s creation, how we use it and preserve it, and how this community funds projects – near term and long range – to sustain the gift of all we have been given.


Our stewardship opportunities include:

Annual Pledge Campaign:  This campaign seeks to open our hearts to God’s blessings in our lives and encourages us to respond in order to further the work of God in our midst and beyond our doors. To pledge of your financial blessings please fill out the pledge form.

Stewardship of Creation:  This ever growing committee is looking for input from you, members of the parish who have begun to think green in this time of environmental and ecological renewal.  Our job is to learn about God’s creation and how are to be stewards of a sacred trust to preserve what God created and gave to us. We’re looking for stories about how you learned to green your home, yard, garden, car, boat, office, children, diet—whatever!  A paragraph or two about how you started, how you learned, how you took your first steps and how the experiment turned out.  If there was a cost saving involved, think about how many would want to know that! And if you found some joy in your undertaking, be sure to share that part, too.

Buildings & Grounds:  The campus is like a large elephant with many tasks to be done for its care, and we need many people to accomplish all the tasks to be done. We are actively accepting all requests to “sit at the table” with us. Our goals are to keep the campus safe, clean and maintained. To help, contact the office.

Counters:  This group of dedicated parishioners gather Monday mornings to count and sort parishioner’s offerings of our life and labors that were offered during worship. If you would like to participate in this ministry contact the church office.

Planned Giving & Endowment:  Planned giving enables parishioners to plan for estate gifting that their “will be done” to further God’s kingdom. If you would like to include St. Martin’s-in-the-Field in your estate planning, contact the church office.

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If you are interested in volunteering or for more information please contact us.