Service To SERVICE 5K

St. Martin’s is inviting you to participate in a new way to tell our story of how we are changing the world for Jesus.
Service to SERVICE 5K: is about our church and the many ways we give back to our community with our hands, hearts, and selves through our ministries.
The challenge: Give to our community 5,000 hours of service.
How it works: Each time you volunteer doing a ministry here that serves people outside the St. Martin’s community, log your time on the form below.
If you aren’t currently involved in a ministry at St. Martin’s, NOW is your chance to find one that speaks to your heart and help make our world more like the kingdom Jesus proclaims.  Take a look at our Ministries Booklet or Ministry-in-a-Minute Videos and find a way your hands and heart can be put to service in Christ’s name.