Building Project

It’s finally upon us – the start to creating great and wonderful new spaces for both our Episcopal Church and School as we build our new Learning Center. We will do our best to keep our parishioners and neighbors updated about what is happening around our campus during the construction process.

Building construction is currently happening and is slated to conclude August 2019.

Building Access & Traffic Flow Map

NEW ENTRANCE TO PARISH HALL: On Thursday, October 25, the construction fence went up around the front of the school from the Parish Hall entrance wrapping around to the back playground area. What this means to you:

1) The main Parish Hall entrance and the kitchen side entrance are now unusable, and will be for the duration of construction.
2) The Parish Hall and kitchen are still usable, but you will need to access them from the new entrance.
3) The new KEYPAD entrance to Parish Hall and the kitchen will be behind the church at the back of the building, by the middle school portables. On Sundays the Parish Hall and kitchen are also accessible via the narthex hallway as usual.

Please see the diagram above for entrance location.

KITCHEN: We have received word that work on the kitchen will not begin until the new year, which means the stove top and ovens are usable until January 2019. Exact date when these appliances will no longer be usable will be announced.

DUMPSTERS: The dumpsters have been moved so they will not be inside the construction fencing. We have three different dumpsters, each one is for different types of waste material and are labeled accordingly. Please note that the large blue dumpster is for trash, smaller blue dumpster is for recycling and the green/yellow dumpster is for paper only.

TRAFFIC FLOW AND PARKING: With construction beginning it is very important for students and parishioners to avoid construction areas. Signs will be posted around campus to help guide you where to go, and where to park and how to access the building. Many of these signs are required by the county and must remain up during this process. We will also have new parking and traffic patterns during the construction. Please see the map above for details.