Coffee Hour Instructions

A special thank you all those the participate in this ministry of hospitality.

COFFEE HOUR IS BROKEN INTO TWO SESSIONS – 9:00 a.m. Christian Education hour (8:45 a.m.) and after the 10:00 a.m. service (11:00 a.m.).


Donuts from Donut Shack (will be picked up by member of Youth group). Pastries from Hawthorne’s Bakery.

Coffee – regular and decaf packets (next to big coffee machine)

Creamers, milk, half n half, in fridge in tub labeled “Coffee Hour”

Platters in pantry

Doilies in pantry

Wire shelf by ice maker has: cups, napkins, stirrers, sleeves for coffee cups, basket with sugar/sweet low/equal/Splenda, tea bags, hot pots/carafes for the coffee-labeled reg and decaf( the inside pumps and lids are on shelf and need to match hot pots).Additional cups, napkins, sugars are in the pantry.


COFFEE – can be made in either the large pot by the window or in the small pots by the door – follow instructions on each on how to make coffee

8:45 Coffee hour

  1. Youth group will pick up donuts from DONUT SHACK and will deliver. Note that donut holes are for youth group
  2. Pastries from Hawthorne’s should be in a white box in the kitchen or on the stairway by the back door to the kitchen (if door is locked)
  3. Make two hot pots/carafes each of regular and decaf coffee
  4. Set up one 8 ft table, with tablecloth, in parish hall. (Wash and return if using cloth.  There are some that can be wiped down.)
  5. Put creamers, sugars, cups, stirrers, napkins, two pitchers of water, tea bags on table. There is a donation bucket/jar on the wire shelf – that goes out also
  6. Boil water for tea, set out two white pots (on the wire rack)
  7. Cut pastries from Hawthorne’s in half, place on a platter with doily, and set out on the table.
  8. Remove any pastry leftovers once Adult Formation starts and hold for 10:45 coffee hour

After Adult formation starts, begin prep for 10:45 coffee hour

  1. Refill hot pots/carafes of coffee on table.
  2. Make an additional 2 hot pots/carafes of regular coffee. Always ask for help, we are ALL happy to assist.
  3. Remove creamers from table and put back in refrigerator to keep cold
  4. Prep donuts for 10:45 – place on platters, leave some whole and some cut in half, cover with Saran wrap (located on bottom shelf of metal table across from stove)

11:00 Coffee Hour

  1. After communion at 10:00 service, replenish creamers, sugars, cups, stirrers, napkins, water, tea bags on table
  2. Boil more water for tea, set out two white pots (on the wire rack)
  3. Put any returned donut holes in bowl and place on the table
  4. Put remaining pastries on table.
  5. Uncover donuts and place on the table
  6. Make additional coffee and replenish supplies as needed during coffee hour
  7. Start cleanup after most people have left. (11:45 a.m.)
    1. Wash all platters, rinse out coffee pots and put on drying rack.
    2. Put all supplies away on shelf
    3. Dry platters and put in pantry
    4. Dry coffee pots and place back on wire rack.
    5. Wipe off tables
    6. Turn out lights
    7. Take donation money into the vesting room (right side of altar area in church) to put in safe. Safe is located inside bottom cabinet by back wall. Near safe there should be plastic bags or paper envelopes marked “coffee hour”. Put money in bag or envelope and put in safe.
  8. Contact Lori Skalitzky (410-294-8081) if any of the creamers, milk, or half-n-half need to be restocked for following Sunday




  1. If necessary, plug in coffee pot so water already in reservoir can heat up
  2. Flip switches to turn on both bottom hot plates (between coffee hour keep full pots at the ready on both bottom hot plates)
  3. Put 1 ½ packets of coffee in coffee filter, put into filter holder and place above lower left hot plate
  4. Place empty coffee pot on lower left hot plate and flip switch to turn on heat
  5. Fill a coffee pot with cold water (to bottom of metal ring) and pour into coffee maker through grate on top on the right; coffee should start coming out into left lower pot almost immediately – make sure you’ve already completed step 4!
  6. Empty full coffee pot into hot pot/carafe (around 2 ½ pots fills hot pot/carafe)
  7. Make equal amounts of regular and decaf coffee to fill required hot pots for coffee hour
  8. Dump coffee grounds and repeat
  9. Between 8:45 and 10:45 coffee hours, keep full pots at the ready on both bottom hot plates

At end of second coffee hour, dump any extra coffee and turn off hot plates.

A special thank you all those the participate in this ministry of hospitality.